The Directory of Game Design Resources

The goal of Game Design Resources is to provide a directory of the best resources that are available both online and off for game designers or those who want to break into the game development industry.

By aggregating the best content about game development and bringing it all under one website, this will save you time and frustration as there is no longer the need to go searching the internet to find the information.

To make the most out of this website, it’s good to browse the website with an objective in mind. Ask yourself what is it that I want to find? Why do I need the information? Here are some reasons that you may have to look for resources:

  • Get better at your job – If you want to learn how can you contribute in the creation of games or if you’re looking to make your work better, we recommend you take a look at the Development, Digital Resources, Printed Resources and the Tools sections.
  • Have a greater understanding of the development process – Wondering how an idea becomes a playable game? Browse the Development section.
  • Get an overall picture of how the industry works – Learn about what happens after a game is completed and what makes up this industry that we all love.
  • Stay up to date in the world of game design, go to the Events section.
  • Just to browse around! – Sometimes we learn the most by simply looking around the internet and clicking on links that spark our interest.

To get started, go to the menu bar above and click on anything that interests you. If you know any good resources that isn’t listed on our website, please feel free to contact us.

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