Game Audio

Not to be confused with the Game Design Audio page. This page is about the role that audio takes within the development of games.

Audio is the game development area that brings atmosphere into a game. Having great audio can enhance the overall experience of the game and better immerse the player.

For many hobbyist or small teams, the main attention is focused on the design and programming aspects instead of, for example, art or audio. The reason being that  usually small teams have creative people but can’t focus their efforts on too many different aspects of the game. Instead, they decide to make the gameplay as best as possible and with the development they also implement various free or cheap tools in order to compensate the lack of resources needed for better developing upon the other areas.

This is not a rule as there are many small teams that are greatly talented, focused and determined in such manner that they can still create awesome games even with having much less resources than a big studio.

List of game audio resources:

Sound Hardware

There’s a variety of hardware used during the process of creating sounds. Microphones are used to capture the sound. Synthesizers, musical instruments and many objects can be used to produce sound.  More information about the process of creating sounds for a game can be found in the Game Audio page.

List of audio card manufacturers:

List of synthesizer manufacturers:

Know any good game audio resources that aren’t listed in this page? Please send us a message!

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