Game Design

Game design is the discipline within game development that takes care of planning the game and making it fun. It defines the mechanics and how they interact with each other while also specifying all the needed information for the other areas of game development.

Mechanics are the game’s rules. The way mechanics are constructed and combined is one of the factors that determine whether the game is good or not.

Games have been a widely used media for telling stories. While a game doesn’t need a story to be a game, the experience can be enhanced by having a story. Out of the four Bartle personalities of gamers, at least two of them will generally enjoy having stories in games: Socializers and Explorers.

There are many different ways of telling a story. The way which the story is told will depend on what the designer wants for the game. There are narratives that can be read simply through blocks of text. Other narratives can be simply experienced by the player through the levels, sound and art of the game.

Here’s a list of resources for game design:

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