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Articles generally talk about a specific subject inside one of the areas of game design. Because articles are written for a specific subject, the author generally intends for it to be read by people who work in that area of the game development process. Although this happens, workers from other areas within the game industry can also benefit from reading the article.

While reading articles, you can learn a variety techniques to help you create better games in less time. Often you’ll find yourself facing the same problem many times and articles can give you a better and easier approach to the one which you’re currently using.

Articles are usually short, which allows you to read them when you don’t have much time. They’re great for reading for example, on a lunch break because it can get your creative juices flowing and help you have new ideas. There’s a few different types of articles, with some of them being: news and informative.

Here is a list of many great articles directories:

  •’s list of articles and resources. Here you can find many articles and resources in the areas of programming, visual arts, game design, music and sound, game industry and features articles. Each area is broken down into several categories which then may or may not be divided in subcategories. So if you’re trying to study about a specific topic or just want to look around for a general area in game designing, you can use this directory.
  • Gamasutra features has lots of interesting articles that are written by people which already are working inside the industry. This section has new content very often so you can read keep constantly reading new and useful content.
  • Other sites that are owned by the creators of Gamasutra, are:
  1. Game Set Watch
  2. Indie Game
  • Sloperama is a website created by Tom Sloper. In his website he has many interesting articles about the game design industry, where to start and how to become a game designer. He also has a long list of Q&A’s in his bulletin board.
  • Sirlin has a blog in which he also has many articles about game design. Many of the concepts that he writes about are really good and any game designer can benefit from.
  • has a Gaming section.

Know any good game design articles directories that isn’t listed in this page? Please send us a message!

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