Game Design Blogs

Blogs tend to be more personal than a official website from a big game development company. Which means that there’s a greater chance for you to get directly in touch with the people who are creating the game.

Game development comapnies will often have a blog along side with their official website. In these cases, the website usually contain more formal content such as news and the blog contains more informative or interesting content such as development videos, interviews with the staff, articles with tips and tricks, etc.

Here’s a list of game design blogs:

  • Gamasutra Blogs has a list of expert and member blogs in the Gamasutra website.
  • Reaching Perfection is a blog about level designing, and also talks a lot about halo (usually within level designing context).
  • Sirlin is a game designer, author and tournament competitor. He has designed a few games and also he has written articles and blog posts in his website. He wrote the book Playing to Win (eBooks also available here), a widely known book in the world of gamers and game design.
  • GameProducer is a blog made by Juuso, who is an indie game producer who writes about games,  game producing, his work, and more.
  • Dave Toulouse is an indie game developer who created Golemizer. He writtes for his blog
  • Markus Persson, the creator of Minecraft, has a personal blog where he posts mostly about Minecraft stuff.
  • Quickfingers has been an indie since 2010 and he uses Unity3D to develop his games. In the blog, he mostly posts about his projects but there are also Unity content.
  • Daniel Cook’s blog Lost Garden has many interesting posts about game design.
  • PreviewLabs is a company that provides a service of quickly creating game prototypes. Their blog also provides a lot of information about game design and prototyping.
  • Game Tycoon is about the business side of creating games.

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