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Forums are a place for you to find resources, have your questions answered, network with people in the industry and more.

There are many game design forums which you can find in the internet. A lot forums are more specific to each individual area of game design but there is also forums which have most of the game design areas covered. Each forum has it’s own advantages so taking a look at many different forums can be beneficial.

A benefit from forums that are dedicated to a certain software program which you’re using is that in case you run into a problem during the development of your game, you might find the answer to that problem in the forums. Even if you don’t find the answer, you may create your own thread and get the answers you need.

List of game design forums:

  • A good forum is the forums. A lot of it is about programming but there’s also information for non-programmers
  • If you use Unity to create games, you might consider checking out the Unity forums. When you can’t seem to find the answer to your problem on the reference manual, searching the forums might get you the answer.
  • TIGSource is a community of independent game players and creators. Their front page is mainly about game news but they also have a forum.
  • Sirlin’s forum, the Fantasy Strike forum is a pretty good place to discuss about game design, psychology, games, David Sirlin’s projects and more.
  • Indie Gamer

Here’s a list of game forums:

Know any good forums that aren’t listed here? Please send us a message!

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