Game Design Videos

There are different types of video resources. Interviews, tutorials, speeches and development process videos are some of them.

Videos are a great resource that game designers can use to learn. The visual aids used in videos are helpful to illustrate ideas and keep them stored in your mind in a different way than audio or text resources.

If you’re the type of person that reads a lot or tends to listen to audio files on the go, watching videos can help you take a different approach to learning about designing games.

Here’s a list of websites that offer some good videos in different areas of game design:

  • IGN’s Youtube channel has many videos which include content such as game reviews, game design industry news, game design interviews and a lot more stuff about game designing! This channel gets updated with more videos very often and it’s recommended that you subscribe to their channel.
  • Game Design with Will Wright – This is a very interesting lecture by Will Wright.
  • In the America’s Army Youtube channel, there’s a Behind the Scenes playlist which you can check out a lot of the stuff that goes on in the game development process.
  • 3DBuzz has a lot of instructional videos about many different subjects and software programs. Their materials and teaching methods are great. They have videos both for free and for members who pay a subscription.
  • design3 has many educational videos for a variety of programs, with most of them being towards 3D gaming. You can learn more about design3 here.
  • Indie Game: The Movie is a indie movie about indie games.
  • If you’re interested in developing games for PC,  XBOX 360 and/or Windows Phone 7 , take a look at these video tutorials from Microsoft’s App Hub.

Know any good websites that has game designing videos? Please send us a message!

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