Game Design Wikis

Wikis are a resource in the internet that are like editable books. This type of resource can be useful because that information will rarely get outdated. Many times used for a specific software program. This allows users of that software to create their own community tutorials, tips and tricks,  articles, etc.

Wikis are also a great resource for game developers to create digital game design documents for the game while they’re working on with a team. This way, anyone in the team can just go to the wiki and edit the design document as needed. They may also just see whatever part of the game design document that they need to look at and then go back to work in the game.

List of game design wikis:

Here’s a list of wikis of specific software programs:

  • If you’re using Game Maker, taking a look at their wiki can be very helpful. There you can find description for many of the functionalities used in game maker.
  • The  Unity wiki has scripts, tutorials and tips for developing games in Unity.
  • Blender Wiki has tutorials to help you better use this application.
  • The Ogre game engine also has a wiki.
  • If you’re interested in programing, there’s the Game Programming wiki.

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