Game Design Conferences

Game design conferences are usually hosted annually and get a lot of attention from the community. Attending these conferences allows you to network with other people in the industry.

Each conference has it’s focus. Some are specific to the technical areas of game development while others may focus on the artistic aspects of development. They can focus on AAA developers and others turn their attention to indie developers. Figuring out in which categories interest you the most can help determine which conferences you will the take the most out of.

Many conferences will have a video archive of at least some of the speeches that happened during the event. If you can’t make to a conference or just want to take a look at older events in order to know what to expect when you attend one, watching the videos will definitely help.

GDC 2011 Day 5 (3/4)
Creative Commons License photo credit: Official GDC

Here’s a list of game design conferences:

  • One of the most popular conferences in the game design industry, is the GDC (Game Developers Conference).
  • If you’re an indie game developer or want to become one, you may want to attend the IGF (Independent Games Festival).
  • If you’re a Unity user, you might want to take a look at the Unite Presentations.
  • PRACTICE is a game design conference that focuses on the design aspect of developing games. Many conferences focus on all aspects of creating games, such as: business, technology and breaking into the industry. These are important aspects but PRACTICE is an opportunity to take your designs to the next level.

List of conferences related to other areas of video game development:

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