Game Design Contests

Contests are one of the events which game designers can participate. They are a great way for developers to hone their skills in the game creation process. Contests have a determined period of time in which developers must create a game. Most of the time it’s from scratch and within a certain theme.

There are many game designing contests which you can enter with a team. From these team contests you can learn many things, with some of them being: maintaining good teamwork in a environment with a lot of pressure, prioritizing ideas while still making a great and original game, creating games and game mechanics within certain themes.

Contests are a way to get new ideas. With many of them having time constraints, people have to be creative as there isn’t much time to create great graphics, sound or complex programming. Usually simple yet awesome ideas for game mechanics come out of these contests.

Below is a list of contests which you can see if you’re interested in any:

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