Game Design Colleges And Universities

With the game design industry growing, the standards are also raising. Nowadays a lot of recruitment processes use formal education as a first filter to cutting out applicants. Getting a bachelors degree is very important in order to increase your chances of making through this filter.

There are many different courses which you can attend for working in the field of game design. The specific course which you decide to take generally depends in what your interests are, as long as you are able to apply that knowledge to the game design world.

Although having a degree is important, it isn’t everything. Along with your degree you must also work on personal projects or freelance in order to gain game development experience. When choosing a college or university look for information about intelectual property of the projects you work on during the time you’re enrolled. Some universities may own the rights to all your work until you finish the course. To avoid any legal problems, make sure you know to who the intelectual property belongs.

Here’s a list of game design program resources:

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