10 Kongregate Games Worth Playing

Kongregate is an online game portal. Here are 10 games from there that are worth playing:

Momiga (Most Minimalist Game) is a very simple game. It only has one button, one sound and one dot.

Multitask is a game where the player has to simultaneously solve simple puzzles while the number of puzzles increases and their difficulty also increase.

The Company of Myself is a platformer game where you use yourself to complete the puzzles.

Sarah’s Run is a 3D platformer game. You can turn a super which sticks the character to the ground. This mechanics adds an interesting experience to the game.

Second Person Shooter Zato http://www.kongregate.com/games/himojii/second-person-shooter-zato is a different game from most shooters. The player stays in the center of the map and monsters come towards him. The camera is seen from the monster’s perspective.

Bullseye (Interstellar Marines) is a FPS training game. It is basically a training game for Interstellar Marines.

Space Trooper USA is a top down shooter. The difference between this game and most top down shooters is that the scenario is a moon and you can walk all over it. Aliens keep coming in waves and you must survive as long as possible.

Drop is a musical based reflection puzzle game. The player solves puzzles by setting up paddles to bounce balls into a pipe. When the pipe gets full, the player can then move on the next stage.

Sono takes a different approach to the snake game. Instead of the snake getting bigger as it eats, the player must surround cubes to chain combos and build the music.

Infestor http://www.kongregate.com/games/Wobly/infestor is a platformer game where you control a infestor, which is a little green monster that can control various types of humans in order to finish levels.

Which are some of your favorite Kongregate games and why? Are there any other web games that you enjoy? Comment about it below!

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