Easy Ways to Create Art for Games

Chris Hildenbrand has a tutorial series on Gamasutra with many techniques about how to create 2D vector art using free software. With the ever increasing demand for better graphics even solo developers and small teams must figure out how to create the best graphics possible. These tutorials just might help you give your next game a facelift:

Part 1 – In this part, Chris teaches you to create a character then create many variations from it. He also teaches how to create a terrain tile and a crate for a platformer game.

Part 2 – In the second part he shows you how to use gradients in order to make interesting backgrounds.

Part 3 – Here he shows how to set up your 2D character to be animated.

Part 4 – Going back to what he discusses in part 1, Chris continues to delve into the world of characters. This time with a little more details.

Part 5 – While in part 3 Chris shows how to set up your character to be animated, in part 5 he goes through the process and actually animates it.

Part 6 – In the last part of the series, he teaches how to create explosion effects.

If you wish to see more, you can check out Chris’ blog 2D Game Art for Programmers.

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