Indie Marketing

Indie game companies (or teams) don’t have publishers to distribute their games but they still have to somehow get their games out to the public. There are many different and creative ways that indie developers have come up with to market their products and get it to their audience.

One way that indie developers market their games is by creating a blog about their company and sometimes they create a separate blog for a game, depending on how big the game is. The blog allows users to get the latest news about the company and the game which creates a fan base. With the blog, the fan base usually knows when the developers are creating another game and if it’s interesting to the people, they will generally at least test the game.

Some indie developers team up with other indie developers to create discount packages, where they sell games that the team has developed under a discounted price. This is not only a great way to generate revenue but also generates more players to your game. The fan base of the other games in the package will be exposed to the game which the developers are creating and if they start playing the game, increasing the fan base of that game.

A lot of indie developers will also use social media to advertise their game. The most used social media for spreading the word about the game are:  Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Youtube.

Open development is a technique widely used. Which is when the developers show their fan base the changes they’re making to the game as it is being created.

Here are a few ways to openly develop your game:

  • Have blogs posts about what you’ve been creating in your game. A lot of times this can be just an update list of things you’ve accomplished during the week and things which you are making progress on.
  • Videos. A lot of people love to actually get to see what you’ve been working on. The content can be pretty much the same as the blog post but the video is just another way of doing it.
  • You might also combine both of the above. Have a blog post with the video embedded and write about the video.
  • Another way is by updating your Facebook status or tweeting about what you’ve been working on.
  • There’s interesting article over at TorrentFreak about how indie game developers posted a pirated version of their game on The Pirate Bay.

Do you know any other good game design indie marketing techniques? Please send us a message!

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