Game Design Associations

There are many game design associations which you can be a part of. These associations are great for getting to know the game design community and also for attending events which are hosted by the association. In the websites of a lot of these associations, you can find more resources about game design, either content from the events which they hosted or links to other websites which contain very useful information.

Here’s a list of game design associations:

  • IDGA, the International Developers Game Association is a non-profit membership organization with the purpose of advancing the careers and enhancing the lives of game developers.
  • If you’re an australian game designer you might want to take a look at GDAA (Game Designers’ Association of Australia). You can read more about the GDAA here. They also have an events page which you can find events that you may want to attend.

Know a good game design association to be a part of? Please send us a message!

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