Game Design Job Opportunities

There a lot of areas in the game industry with job opportunies. Getting into this industry is just a matter of studying well plus hard work and dedication. This might seem very simple, even cliché, but it’s much harder in practice than in theory.

Knowing a few of the right people may also help. One way to build important connections is attentending some of the game design events or become part of one or more game design communities such as associations, forums or blogs.

Even if you’re not currently looking for a job, occasionally taking a look at the job requirements for the positions that interest you the most and then meeting those requirements can be beneficial as you’ll be up to the standards of the industry or at the very least aware of the standards.

Below is a list of game design job boards:

  • Gamasutra’s job board is a place to find out what kind of jobs are available in the game design industry. There you can look at the many areas that are required to create a game.  You can find what companies are looking for what jobs and for each job you can look at information such as job description and skills required. Knowing what are the skills required to work at whatever job you want to work at, you can better help yourself to study and prepare for the game designing industry. If you already have taken a look at the job you want and its requirements and wish to take a deeper look into education options, you can find more resources either for self education or formal education.

Here is a list of job openings in game studios:

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