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Game design magazines are a resource which game designers can use to find very useful information, interesting articles, news about what’s going on in the game design industry, and more. There are many magazines which you can subscribe to and many of them also have digital format as well as the printed versions. Magazines are published pretty often so you rarely run out of useful information.

A lot of times you’ll also want to reference back to something (an image, an article, etc) you’ve already seen in a magazine that wasn’t much useful at the time you read it but now it better fits your needs.

There are many different types of magazines which can be useful for game designers. Art, programming, sound, game, game design and technology are just some of the magazine themes which are great for taking a look. Tom Sloper’s Lesson 3 – Preparing for a career in game design has a list of just a few of the subjects which can be applied to game design.

Here’s a list of game design magazines which you can subscribe to:

  • A magazine that you might want to take a look is the Game Developer Magazine. It’s pretty well recommended and if you want to have a feel for what the Game Developer Magazine, you can look at their February 2011 Sample Issue.
  • Indie Game Mag is a magazine which is maintained by the indie game community.
  • DevMag is a South African magazine about game development.

Reading game magazines can help you know what’s happening in the game industry. Even though most information won’t be about the development and design aspects of the games, it can be a great source of inspiration.

Here’s a list of game magazines:

Here’s a list of art magaines:

  • BlenderArt Magazine was created by the blender community to the blender community with the objective to provide quality learning content.
  • ImagineFX is a sci-fi and fantasy magazine.

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