Game Design Assets

Game assets are what game designers use to create their games. There are many different types of assets, such as: 3D models, sprites, sound files, source files, etc. The assets which you use will usually depend on which software you’re using to create your game. You can either create your own, have someone else create them for you, use them from a website with free assets or buy them.

3D models are mostly used for 3D games but there are many games which use 3D models for 2D gameplay. One example of this is the Street Fighter IV game.

2D games are consisted of many images which are called sprites. Many sprites are animated and there are also a great number of programming techniques to give the effects of animation (i.e. scrolling background). Check the Game Art page for lists of resources.

Sound files are a very important asset for the game development. Audio is something that has a very big impact in gamers and it isn’t something that you should forget about. Learning how the creation of sound for a game works can greatly improve your game designing skills and also may help you in the future whenever you work with a sound designer. See the Game Audio page for lists of resources.

Source files and snippets of code can be useful for learning how a programmer tackled a determined problem. If you’re creating the code for a game of your own, snippets of code might also help you get unstuck and move on with the project. Take a look at the Game Programming page for lists of resources.

Here’s a list of websites where you can find creative commons sounds:

If you’re looking for art assets, there’s a list of resources in our Game Art page.

Know any good websites with game design assets? Please send us message!

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