Game Design Hardware

There are many ways that people working in the game creation process choose and set up their hardware. The position which you fill in this process is one of the things which influence your choices.

Computer Hardware

There are many different parts which the computer is composed of: CPU, processor, memory, graphics card, sound card, mother board, keyboard, monitor, mouse and other components. As mentioned above, your hardware will depend on your role in the game development process. For example, if you’re an artist, getting a better graphics card than average might be an option to consider.

Big shiny heatsink
Creative Commons License photo credit: Andrew Mason

When building your computer for game development, one way you can figure out the needed hardware is to look at the requirements for the software you’ll be using to develop games and use them as a starting point.

Here’s a list of hardware resources:

If you’re looking for art hardware, there a section for it in the Game Art page. Likewise, if you’re looking for sound hardware, there’s a section for it in the Game Audio page.

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