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Game Maker has been for many the first contact with game development. With a simple and easy to understand drag and drop system, it’s possible to quickly create games without getting too much into programming. The engine also has a built in sprite editor for creating the graphics of your game.

Games made with Game Maker.

YoYo Games showcase


Languages: Drag and Drop, GML.

Platforms: It will depend on the version of Game Maker that you have. Game Maker Windows and Game Maker Mac will only publish to their respective operating systems. Games created using Game Maker Windows will not work on Macs. Same is true for Game Maker Mac.

The Game Maker: Standard version can publish to Windows and Mac. It’s also possible to publish games for iOS, Android, HTML5, Windows Phone 8 and Ubuntu. For these platforms, you’ll have to either purchase the Professional version and individually purchase publishing capabilities to these platforms or purchase the Master version which can publish to all of the platforms.


There’s Game Maker Windows, Game Maker Mac and Game Maker: Studio.

For Game Maker Windows, there’s a free version and a full version, which costs $39.99.

Game Maker Mac also has a free version, and the full version costs $19.99.

Below are the Game Maker: Studio versions:


Standard – $49.99

Professional – $99.99

Master Collection – $499.99


YoYo Games

Shaun Spalding Youtube channel

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