Game Design Lessons: Presenting Perfect Puzzles

This video talks about puzzles. The reasons to add puzzles in your game and what makes a good puzzle.

There are many reasons that you would want to add puzzles to your game. You may want to create a whole game just about solving puzzles, such as the game Portal. In an action game you may want to add puzzles to give players a time to rest a little and think more than they react.

In the video, he gave a definition for puzzle being “a circumstance where the player is presented with a problem but doesn’t yet know the solution.” A good puzzle is one that can’t be immediately completed by the player and also presents itself in a way that the player has a clear objective.

Looking at what the puzzle has presented to you and then figuring out the solution is what makes puzzles so fun. Whether you want to create your puzzles or make the current ones you have better, using these tips can certainly help you enhance the experience for your players!

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