Jon Whetzel Talk at Ignite FM 7

Jon Whetzel’s speech at Ignite NM 7 gives some insight about the process of getting a game into the Xbox indie market.

He starts the talk by pointing out that in modern days distribution is very accessible. There are many tools that are very easy to learn. The channels for distribution of games also has been increasing alongside with the platforms available.

Jon then talks about the XNA framework. Some of the advantages of using XNA is it’s capability to port to multiple platforms (PC, Xbox 360 and Windows Phone).

He then goes on to the process of getting your game into the Xbox Live Indie Games network. To get started you need an Xbox 360, get connected to Xbox Live, join the XNA Creators Club and download the software development tools. In the XNA Creators Club you’ll find the information needed about developing for the Xbox 360.

There are a few drawbacks to releasing the game in the XBLIG such as: your game has to meet a list of requirements, Microsoft takes a percentage cut of what you earn and you don’t get paid until you meet a minimum amount of money.

Although drawbacks do exist, there are many benefits which can make this publishing method worth it. The XBLIG is one of the ways that you can, to a certain extent, avoid piracy. Another great benefit is mass distribution. After uploading, people from all around the world can have access to it.

Even with the barriers that can sometimes pull away your motivation, if you really want to create games for this platform you shouldn’t allow these barriers to block you from finishing and publishing your game.

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